Lateram© Premium ceramic facades offer you sustainable complete solutions in the field of facade systems and mounting solutions.

Lateram facade elements are based on natural basic materials

Lateram is a strong, thin-walled and durable facade material. It enables constructions with very little wall construction. In cooperation with architects and designers we offer tailor-made solutions for the realisation of individual, modern and innovative building envelopes.

High-quality raw materials made of purely mineral components guarantee an optimal product quality. Modern production facilities and innovative manufacturing techniques enable the production of extremely thin and weight-reduced ceramic elements with maximum format sizes. The use of natural, recyclable basic materials and the lowest possible consumption of resources result in aesthetic, high-quality, ecological, durable and environmentally friendly facade constructions.

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LATERAM product variety


Large format

New lightness in architecture. The 6mm thin, stable ceramic elements are suitable for wall and floor applications and thus enable a harmonious flow of material from the building envelope into the building interior. The large panel formats provide a special and aesthetic appearance.

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Slat format

Living facades in architecture. The small elements offer the possibility of a lively facade design. Lateram ceramic facades are easy to install and require very little maintenance.

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sustainable facade systems

Factory pre-assembly with GluRay® System

SFS GluRay System

Lateram ceramic facade with SFS GluRay® substructure system

  • design freedom for innovative facades
  • pre-assembled units
  • fast and economical installation
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On-site bonding with SikaTack® Panel

SikaTack System

Lateram ceramic facade with on-site bonding on substructure system.

  • adhesive system for concealed installation on site
  • uniform tension over the entire element
  • motion-absorbing mounting
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Mounting system with visible fastening

Lateram ceramic facade with Lagana substructure system, visible.

  • filigree mounting and narrow joint width
  • multifunctional, robust construction
  • almost free of thermal bridges
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LATERAM colour spectrum

LATERAM colour spectrum

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