The Lateram© Premium facade systems
offer sustainable complete solutions.

Curtained ventilated Facades

What are curtained ventilated facades?

A ventilated facade means a curtained, usually multi-layered, facade or exterior wall construction with a space between the building insulation and the exterior cladding. This special construction method has numerous advantages:

  • energy-efficient structure
  • comfortable living and room climate
  • durable weatherproofing
  • safe fire protection
  • lightning, sound and condensation protection
  • high creative possibilities
  • long service life with low maintenance costs

The Lateram System

All in one System

Lateram produces finished facade panels that can be mounted directly. The advantage is that all available materials fits with each other. Our System passed all necessary tests and is authorized for the use in composite. All facade parts are produced under optimal conditions in so-called clean rooms, the quality assurance from the first step of the order to delivery or installation is 100% secured. Every single step from the raw materials to the finished plate is traceable and quality assured. Of course, with the building inspectorate approval of the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt).

The fastening system

System description of the substructure

  • The substructure system forms the first layer for the Lateram facade system. The horizontally running L-profiles allow maximum flexibility in the installation of the vertically aligned GluRay© profiles
    Mounting method


  • GluRay© System, invisibly glued, pre-assembled

Material of the facade cladding

  • Lateram Cera- oder Slatcover


Components of the substructure

1. masonry

2. thermostop

3. console

4. horizontal profile

5. GluRay© hat profile

6. GluRay© U-profile

7. adhesive connection U-profile / lateram ceramic

8. insulation

9. lateram facade element

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Anchorage ground

The substructure is anchored in the supporting structure. The anchoring base absorbs the static loads. The stability of the construction must be verified by a static calculation. Wind and suction loads must be taken into account when determining the fixing distances.


The substructures are designed so that any desired insulation thickness can be realized. It also reliably compensates for building tolerances and offers a high degree of flexibility. The substructure must be decoupled in accordance with EN 18516.

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation serves as a thermal insulating layer and is located between the rear ventilation space and the anchoring base. During installation, care must be taken to ensure that the insulation elements cannot become detached and thus reduce or close the rear-ventilation cross-section.

Back-ventilation room

The rear ventilation space is located between the inside of the lateram ceramic elements and the outside of the thermal insulation. The rear-ventilation cross section must be at least 200 cm³ /m.


Industrial manufacturing process 

Today‘s demand for an environmentally friendly, clean and at the same time economical production require technologically advanced manufacturing processes. Lateram ceramic elements are produced in modern production facilities and provide the highest degree of quality. The material offers long-lived durability and is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications. 

Lateram ceramic elements offer many advantages 

Modern production facilities and options and the continuous development of our products and processes continue to present innovations to the construction industry. Unbounded creative individuality, through a variety of format sizes, colours and surfaces creates a broad creative space for facade planning. The Lateram product is a solid, thin-walled and durable facade material. It makes construction styles with very thin wall structures possible. We offer tailor-made solutions for the realisation of individual, modern and innovative building shells in close cooperation with the architects and designers. Our elements are characterised by their lifelong durability, maximum fire resistance and temperature stability as well as their functionality, quality and great aesthetics. The option of integrating them into a suspended rear-ventilated facade system offers additional advantages. Our know-how and the close and transparent collaboration with our partners create synergies and networks that contribute to the best possible realisation of the facades. In addition, we offer an assembly plan including structural design for the assembly system on request and can deliver our elements including the necessary mounting brackets. 


Individuality and aesthetics 

A variety of colours and vivid surfaces ensure haptic and optical diversity and offer maximum individuality and design possibilities. 

Large format 

Ceramic panels of significant sizes with a minimum thickness of 6 mm and low component weight. Minimally noticeable joint pattern, even and true to dimensions. 

Fire protection 

Fire protection class A1 – non-combustible – according to DIN EN 13501. 

Lifelong durability 

Highest product quality and lifelong durability offer excellent uses for interior and exterior applications. 

Hail-proof and weather-resistant 

Lateram ceramic elements are highly water resistant with less than 0.1% water absorption. The elements stand out for their long service life and are able to withstand the highest stressors. 


Natural raw materials, sustainably produced and recyclable. Lateram ceramics are manufactured without any kind of radiation, pollutants or other chemical reactions. 


Low susceptibility to damage, very low maintenance and servicing costs, easy installation. 

Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant 

Highly resistant to environmental and weather conditions. Thanks to their high colour fastness and UV resistance, the facades are low-maintenance for the duration of their service life. 

Easy care 

Lateram ceramic elements are easy to clean. Optional surface treatments produce a self-washing effect. Dirty elements become clean easily from rain or alternatively by simply spraying with water.

colours and surfaces

LATERAM colour spectrum

Our surfaces