Factory pre-assembly with GluRay® System

Lateram ceramic facade with the SFS GluRay® subconstruction system

The first layer or base for the GluRay ® facade system is the NH3 substructure. The horizontal L-profiles allow maximum flexibility when mounting the vertically aligned GluRay ® hat-profiles. The time- and cost-effective assembly enables a wide span for the horizontal profiles: Depending on factors such as wind load or cover materials, this can be up to 1.2 m. 

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SFS GluRay System
GluRay System

The GluRay ® profile consists of a hat- and a U-profile. Both profiles are prefabricated to your custom sizes at the factory and guarantee a high level of fitting accuracy. The hat-profile is equipped with round and slotted holes as standard. This makes assembly as convenient as it is precise and saves valuable time. The optimised GluRay ® profile is available for any application. The 125 mm pitch version gives you the flexibility you need for different panel dimensions. If large-format panels are used, we recommend the version with a grid of 250 mm. Both variants offer optimum static load transmission using the pre-assembled hooks. 

After the factory pre-assembly of the GluRay ® U profiles, the panels only need to be attached at the construction site to the already mounted GluRay ® hat-profiles. To prevent lateral movement, each panel must be secured with a fixed-point screw. Please note that the GluRay ® hat-profiles have to protrude above the top edge of the panel by at least 10 mm.