On-site bonding with SikaTack® Panel

Lateram ceramic facade with on-site bonding to the subconstruction system.

The economical SikaTack® panel system is an adhesive system for concealed and stress-free mounting of facade panels. The system consists of the SikaTack® panel elastic adhesive, the SikaTack® double-sided adhesive panel mounting tape for fixing the ceramic panels, as well as the corresponding products for pre-treatment of the substrates. Lateram facade elements are invisibly attached, with the SikaTack® panel system to adhere to substructures made of aluminium extrusion profiles, in accordance with EN AW 6060 or 6063. The installation is carried out by certified installers. 

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SikaTack System


The SikaTack® panel adhesive system has the general building authority approval in Germany. 

Fire protection 

In Germany, the installation of bonded facade panels is limited to a height of 22 meters by fire protection regulations (floor-top edge of the highest floor in which a lounge is possible). According to the SBI test, valid throughout Europe, the fire protection class of ‘flame-retardant’ C, S2, D0 has been achieved for the system according to EN standard 13501-1 (formerly DIN 4102 „B1“).