Lateram SLATCOVER offers the possibility
of facade design in slat formats.

Different surfaces provide an iridescent effect. The elements are easy to install and require little maintenance. Unlike wood, Lateram Keramik does not have to be sanded and painted.


SLATCOVER offers the possibility of facade design in slat formats. Available are 2 format sizes with 3 surface structures per colour.

colours and surfaces

Lateram offers a wide range of colours with 3 surface structures each. The surfaces create a lively facade image. When using different surface structures, a vivid facade image is created.


Installation is carried out using the pre-assembled GluRay® system or with the SikaTack® Panel adhesive system on site at the construction site.


Low susceptibility to damage, very low maintenance and condition, simple installation.


Latetam Keramik offers fire protection class A1.
In combination with the bonding process, the system is classified as fire protection class B1 – hardly inflammable – according to DIN EN 13501. Extremely resistant to environmental and weather influences.


Thanks to high colour and UV resistance, the facades are permanently low-maintenance. Use of natural raw materials, sustainably produced and recyclable. Lateram ceramics are produced without any kind of radiation, pollutants or other chemical reactions.


1.600 x 150 x 6 mm

2.400 x 250 x 6 mm

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Special formats on demand

colours and surfaces

LATERAM colour spectrum

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