Mounting system with visible fastening

Lateram ceramic facade with Lagana subconstruction system, visible mount.

The basis for the Lagana substructure is its high-capacity load bearing system consoles made of extra strong aluminium, which are attached to the facade with almost no heat bridge. Depending on the requirements, appropriate support profiles are mounted onto the system consoles, which then in turn hold the Lateram ceramic elements by means of special brackets. The Lagana substructure was developed with the aim of providing a filigree support and narrow joints. 

The tested and certified components form a multifunctional, resistant, static-free and fire-proof (fire protection class A) substructure. The flexible substructure also allows connecting to different facade systems such as truss-bars, VHF, industrial lightweight construction or WDVS. The well-engineered facade system can be custom designed to fit a variety of construction projects. Each system element is calculated on a point basis, delivered correctly and will fit perfectly into each other during implementation.